Things to Look Out for In Online Safety When Traveling

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Do you carry a mobile phone, tablet or laptop while travelling? Do you have access to the Internet? Wherever you get a WiFi connection, start browsing at every opportunity? So know that using a public WiFi network is the same as opening your door to hackers. And there are some things you need to be aware of in online security. This report deals with these issues.

  1. Turn off the automatic connection to public WiFi spots.
  2. Remove previously used WiFi connections when you arrive home.
  3. Log out of all unnecessary apps while travelling.
  4. Lock all the devices you use with password or PIN.
  5. Take care of your surroundings. Be careful if someone tries to see your password or PIN.
  6. Use a different strong password for each social network or email account.
  7. Turn off file sharing on the laptop and turn on the firewall. Turn off incoming connection opportunities if not needed.
  8. Pay attention to security when using WiFi. Use a virtual private network if possible.
  9. If necessary, create your own WiFi network with Travel Router to use the mobile internet facility.
  10. For the security of your personal information only log in to sites with “https“. You will see it in the address bar. If you don’t get it there, leave the site.
  11. A good way to be careful is to consider using public WiFi as sensitive as speaking in public.

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