International Business Travel – How to Reduce the Stress

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International business travel is an activity that is becoming more and more complex on a daily basis. You must be well prepared before you start your journey and be prepared for all eventualities.

Getting Ready for Your International Business Travel

Unlike domestic travel, international travel is now full of regulations that must be understood in advance if you are to travel safely and trouble-free to you and from your destination. You must prepare well for your journey, and pay special attention to:

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Your Passport

Do not travel with a passport that has an expiry date of fewer than six months in the future. If your passport will be within that period, renew the passport before you travel. Many countries will not even give you a visa if the passport has a short expiry time. You may need a visa while on your journey, so make sure about the validity of your passport.

You’re Health

If you are on any medication and will be taking those medications with you, have the doctor’s prescriptions for them with you. If the medication is over-the-counter, have the box or original packaging for the medications with you as well. You may be challenged over these at any time and in any location.

Local Weather

There is no reason to take too many clothes with you. Do your research as to the destination’s historical climate for the time of year you are visiting.

Permitted Modes and Form of Dress

Different countries have different customs. You can easily investigate these on the internet, and make sure whatever clothing you take with you and wear, is acceptable in your destination country.

The Foreign Airport

An international business traveler will over a period of time, know a great deal about the world’s airports. Navigating these world airports can be easy if you plan ahead and know about what to expect.

The Visa

If you are traveling to a country where you need (and received a visa), and there was an invitation involved with it, take the invitation with you. Make sure the information on the visa is perfectly correct, and verify it from the consulate offices that give you the visa.

Airport Layout

Get a copy from the internet or airlines about your destination airport, especially if there is more than one terminal. Know where you are going and how to get there in advance. Be prepared.

Business Lounges

If you are making an international business trip, you may be flying business class, and thus be eligible for the business class lounge supplied by your airline.

If you are not, or there is not, you may wish to sign up for one of the business class lounge entry services and make your stay (sometimes many hours) in the foreign airport less tedious.


The items may be duty-free, but the prices can still be much higher than your local marketplace. Do some shopping around (possible on the internet), and also check your local regulation about how much you are allowed to bring home (or to your destination if you are bringing gifts to locals) duty-free. The best bet may be to buy things locally or to modify what (and where) you bring.

Good Manners and Silence is Golden

While making an international business trip, one is advised to conduct oneself in the best manners possible. Also, it is a very good idea to speak to as few people as possible (especially if your destination is the United States), and none except employees of the airlines, airport stores, or employees.

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