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How to Travel Solo

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How to Travel Solo

Traveling alone is a delightful way to truly get away from it all and experience new people and places. Here are a few tips to help you plan the best – and safest – solo vacation:

Tips on how to Achieve the Perfect Vacation for Yourself

Choose your Destination Wisely

Location is everything when you’re traveling alone and – lucky for you – it’s based solely on your own interests. Pick a destination – whether it’s a bustling city on the other side of the world or a low-key beach on the other side of town – that fits your personality. Cheapflights has done the hard work for you, scanning the entire globe for the Top 10 destinations to travel solo. Take our advice and consider a week of adventure and sites in New Zealand, bike riding and architecture in Amsterdam, or yoga and sunbathing in Tulum, Mexico.

Book Ahead

Though it’s exciting to weigh accommodation options after you’ve arrived, traveling alone changes the game a bit. Do research beforehand; review trusted travel guides and experts online before booking your hotel. Make sure you’re staying in a safe area, even if it means forking over more money. Feeling safe on your evening walk home, we promise, is priceless.

Tell Your Loved Ones

Always let family and friends know where you’re going and how they can reach you. Make copies of your full itinerary of flights and transportation to leave with your most trusted loved one. Also, select flights that arrive during daylight hours, and try to connect to people on the other side using social media networks.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Far

Those traveling solo for the first time may want to choose a destination that’s not so foreign. For Canadian travelers, spots in Canada and the US like Whistler or San Francisco are a great starting point to kick off the trend. Flights to these destinations are frequent and short, the locals are friendly, and getting around is easy.

Skip the Valuables

Apart from your passport, wallet, and any other needed travel documentation, it’s best to leave valuables in the form of expensive jewelry at home. Keep the trip light and casual, leaving more room to pick up souvenirs from the destination itself. The same rule applies to large sums of cash. The necessary amount should be taken for use upon landing at the destination and additional amounts withdrew when there.

Invest in a Camera

A solo vacation is the perfect setting to discover your inner photographer. Invest in a sturdy camera, whether it’s a $100 point-and-shoot or $1,000 Digital SLR, and let the lens be your guide.

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