Visit The Abu Simbel Temples

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The Abu Simbel Temple is found in the country of Egypt. It is among the top tourist attractions in the country. The Temple is amongst the World Heritage site. This is named after a tour guide who brought up the study of the monuments by some archaeologists. Basically, there are two Temples at the Abu Simbel; the Greater Temple and the other is lesser temples. The mode of the making of the greater Temples comes out that in the months of November and February every year, the sun penetrates through the sanctuary and light up the three of the four seated figures in the Temple. The only that is not light up is the Ptah, the god of the underworld. The Lesser Temple is not so far from the Greater one, it’s only 100 meters away. The funny and unique feature at the lesser temple is the size for both king and queen being of the same and the temple is dedicated to the king’s consort. This is a world Heritage Site.

Visit The Abu Simbel Temples
Abu Simbel Temples – Egypt

Attractions at Abu Simbel

At Abu Simbel, there are two Temples; The Temple of Hathor and the Great Temple of Ramesses II. At the greater temple, you get to see some gravity at some of its parts which seem like part of its making. Interestingly, following the path inside, you get to see how the fake mountain dome was constructed.

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Accommodation in Abu Simbel

Basically, there are two types of accommodations in Abu Simbel; hotels and lodges. The hotels range from 3 to 5 stars and offer good and standard services which leave you wishing to stay forever. These Hotels include; Eskaleh Nubian Ecolodge, Port Dickson Hotels, Phuket Hotels, Albuquerque Hotels, Mamallapuram Hotels. Some of these are the so-called group of Hotels and they, therefore, tend to offer quality services to keep their clients coming back and to retain the best names of the Hotels in Abu Simbel.

How to Get to Abu Simbel

There are four main ways to get to Abu Simbel. You can choose to take a flight that mostly connects through Aswan and others that fly direct from Cairo International Airport to Abu Simbel. A plain will approximately take 30 minutes. There is also an option for a boat which has to carry several people at once and may end up delaying you. A Bus seems to impress many as they will go as a group and have some stopovers to get some drinks or give you time to visit the washrooms when in need. Many buses leave early in the morning to get back later in the day. It is the cheapest means of the four and many people tend to go for it. Mini-buses tend to be fast to go there than a normal bus. A bus will approximately get to Abu Simbel in 5 hours or more.

Abu Simbel is a monument many wish to visit due to the many good rumors about the place and it’s advisable if you have time and money or if you can save some for leisure then make a booking to visit the Abu Simbel Temple.

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