Treasure Island, Florida

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A tropical island from the coast of St. Petersburg, Florida, the barrier island community of Treasure Island happily boasts probably the most beautiful, whitened sandy beaches in Florida. Initially lived on through the Timucua Indians around 300 CE, the area and it is everyone was nearly devastated in 1528 by Pánfilo p Narváez. The region wouldn’t see another human for quite a while. Within the 1800s, Frenchman John Leveque who was a sailor was stated to possess hidden treasure around this uninhabited land. He’d escape towards the island on several occasions to hideout from his opponents, including one evening in 1848 when Hurricane Gale took with the island.

Treasure Island, Florida
Treasure Island Florida Sunset Beach

Leveque awoke to determine the place of his hidden treasure had given in to storm surge, using the island’s north finish now divided from this, developing a pass. In recognition from the guy who finds out it, the pass grew to become referred to as “John’s Pass.” The hurricane also cracks off two separate, small islands – Isle of Palms and also the Isle of Capri. Leveque’s survival which from the actual treasure is broadly disputed, with a few saying the ‘treasure’ was really an effort by property proprietors to draw in visitors towards the calm fishing village which at that time, was just available by boat. In either case, the title “Treasure Island” stuck. The very first hotel around the island, known as the “Coney Island” was built-in 1915 by Whiteford Harrell. Soon travelers traveled towards the area but were irritated concerning the limited use of the area. John’s Pass Bridge was built-in 1927 for connecting Madeira Beach towards the island, but travelers still experienced trouble originating from St. Petersburg.

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In 1938 the Treasure Island Causeway was created to accommodate people traveling from St. Petersburg. The causeway offered automobile access in the city towards the island, which attracted celebrities along with other dignitaries together with Babe Ruth, who bought a waterfront vacation home after his retirement from baseball in 1935. Following a finish of The Second World War in 1947, two more hotels sprouted up across the beach, and nearby St. Pete Beach, in which the Don Cesar Hotel formerly referred to as “The Pink Lady,” notoriously entertained Al Capone, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lou Gehrig, and Franklin D.

Roosevelt. Within the 1950s, the region saw a housing boom, as well as in 1955 the town of Treasure Island was integrated. Houses and waterfront communities were built on the top of dredged material which connected Isle of Capri and Isle of Palms towards this main island. Due to Treasure Island’s strong residential ties and quiet beaches, this location today is really a premier year-round destination for families. Families can also rent either Treasure Island Rental Condos a beach home.

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