Top Seven Secrets of the Great Barrier Reef

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You might think that it’s difficult to still find a “hidden spot” in the Great Barrier Reef. After all, it’s one of the most-visited destinations in Australia. However, not everything here is known to tourists yet. Enjoy these off-beat but paradisiacal spots in this part of the world.

Top Seven Secrets of the Great Barrier Reef
Areal view of the great barrier reef.

Middle Percy Island

Are you planning on yachting? You can probably go sailing anywhere in the Great Barrier Reef but the Middle Percy Island is such a gem, you just mustn’t miss out on it. This spot is located just south of Whitsundays and if you’ve read about Robinson Crusoe’s adventures, this spot will make you reminiscent of that book. What is there not to like? Imagine a long stretch of beach that acts as a natural harbor, old ship signs, coconut trees, pine trees, and hammocks you can laze around in. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon.

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Wilson Island

Wilson Island
Wilson Island

If you like spending your vacation without feeling guilty about the carbon footprint you’re leaving, then you should go to Wilson Island. Despite the eco-friendly accommodations here, the safari-style tents here still make for a pretty stylish accommodation. The island is also brimming with activity. You might find it hard to get out of the water. You can go kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling during the day. If your skin feels leathery from the sun afterward, that’s alright. Come back to shore as the sun sets and you can enjoy a bevy of cool cocktail drinks.

Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands
Whitsunday Islands

This is the best place to go paddling. To enjoy this spot the most, hire a kayak at Airlie Beach, preferably from the Salty Dog Sea Kayaking. Feel free to explore inlets, islands, and go paddling amongst sea turtles and dolphins. If you’re worried about supplies, don’t. There are aluminum barges delivering these supplies the whole day.

Great Keppel Island

This is a very low-key chain of beaches that can give you a great opportunity to enjoy snorkeling on your own. Most sites in the Great Barrier Reef are still pretty but crowded. Chances are, you’ll be snorkeling with another stranger just 5 meters off your boat. It’s different if you try the Great Keppel Island. Aside from snorkeling, you can just laze around in a hammock at the Great Keppel Holiday Park. There is a total of seventeen low-key beaches here to explore.

Lady Musgrave Island

This is a really good spot to visit if you have a day to spend but not much money to spend it with. It’s an absolute paradise for someone who’s on a tight budget. All you have to do is to catch the Spirit of 1770 and you’ve reached this cay. The ferry trip won’t cost you much. It’s perfect for watching the sunrise and set, and for snorkeling amongst native sea turtles and other sea animals. You can also pitch a tent here if you want to stay overnight. It could get crowded during the peak hours, but those who camp out get to enjoy the rustic, isolated beauty of the island once the crowds have gone.

Agnes Water

This is the best place for you if you prefer solitude but would still want to enjoy the waves of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s very different from the crowded spots of Sunshine and Gold Coasts. The beach opens to the Coral Sea, and the gum trees at the beachside just give you this rustic feel you won’t get anywhere else in the area. If you choose a hotel nearby and go to the beach with your board at sunrise, you’ll see just how special this spot is compared to other surf spots in Australia.

Deepwater National Park

This is just a quick right turn past Bundaberg if you’re on your way to Queensland, and it’s worthy of a road trip if any spot in the Great Barrier Reef is worthy of one. You’ll find one of the prettiest campsites in the area, and this one is just tucked behind sand dunes, you’ll forget you’re in the Great Barrier Reef with about a thousand other travelers from around the world.

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