Top Five Magnificent Historical Places in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh, being the centre of many cultures is one of the most renowned places in the world. Numerous historical sites are well preserved in Bangladesh such as the ruins of monuments and its magnificent cities. The country’s ancient heritage seemed to remain in the heart of Bangladesh even today.

Top 5 Historical Places in Bangladesh

Though Bangladesh has many well-known historical places, here are the best five places considered as the country’s pride:

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Dhaka is a historical city that has the most number of historical places in Bangladesh. Here lie various numbers of mosques, temples churches, forts, monasteries and historical parks where the history of Bangladesh can be drawn. Bangladesh also has several museums where the historical artefacts are being kept and well reserved. Dhaka being the centre of civilizations in Bangladesh holds almost the entire history of the country.

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Pahapur, which is a small village, about five kilometres west from Jamalganj in Rajshahi’s greater district. Here is where the largest known monastery lays its ruins. Pahapur is a 17th-century archaeological reserve which has a total of 24 acres of land. It is a pyramid-like temple with its architecture similar to that of the Southeast Asians. The Verendra Research Museums is also built here, where one can take a look of the artefacts excavated from the ruins of the monastery.


Mahasthangarh, known to be the oldest archaeological site in Bangladesh. Located on the western bank of the river Karotoa, about 18 kilometres north of Bogra town. It can easily be reached by any rides for it is along the Bogra-Rangpur hi-way. This historical site was built way back in 2500 B.C. Visitors can also visit the Mahasthangarh Museum which has a vast collection of the town’s antique pieces.


Navaratna Temple, considered as the most complex among the mediaeval temples of Bangladesh. The temple was built in 1752 under the aid of Maharaja Pran Nath of Dinajpur, it was initially a Navaratna temple, packed with four luxuriously ornamental corner towers on two-storey and the middle one over the third storey.


Mainamati, located at about 8 kilometres west of Comilla. Here lie the two historical hills called the Mainamati-Lalmai ridge which is believed to have more than 50 ancient Buddhist settlements from the 8th to the 12th century A.D.

These places are the top five historical places in Bangladesh. This is a country known for its culture and remarkable history which is well-conserved by its country people. This is a country known for its monumental culture and remarkable history, well-kept by its country and people. There are just a few among the many historical places found in Bangladesh, and many more waiting to be discovered.

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