Top 10 Tips to Visit Bangladesh

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Rich culture, beautiful tourist spots, and hospitable people. These are the qualities that all great tourist spots have. And, incidentally, these are also the very qualities that you will find in the beautiful country of Bangladesh.

Catch A Glimpse Of The Tigers

Tigers, specifically the Royal Bengal Tigers, are magnificent creatures, with their proud and noble bearings and beautifully patterned coats. Watching these tigers gives us a sense of excitement and danger all rolled into one. It’s too bad that they’re endangered, but still, in Bangladesh, you can see these beautiful creatures by visiting the Sundarbans National Park.

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Fun in The Sun and Sand

If you’re looking for beautiful blue beaches to sunbathe, to swim, or to simply walk around in, then you must go to Bangladesh’s Kuakata. Kuakata is a beach resort that has been recently developed. It is located in the southern part of Bangladesh, but the sea isn’t the only thing this place offers though because, in Kuakata, you can also observe the culture of the Rakhine Tribe.

World’s Longest and Broadest Beach

If any old beach just doesn’t cut it, why don’t you try going to Inani beach found in the South of Bangladesh? It is the world’s longest and broadest beach and is found in Cox’s Bazar. Inani Beach, however, is not as developed as the other beaches such as Patenga, so if you want all the tourist perks, then it’s probably best if you just go to Patenga.

Boating Through Bangladesh

If you’re in the mood for boating through the rivers and observing the lush jungles in Bangladesh, then you could try going the Sunderbans National Park. This is a park with several beautiful areas which can only be accessed by using a rowboat. If you’re lucky, you’ll also see some of its beautiful wildlife.

Try Some Fresh Water

If you’re tired of the salty waters of Bangladesh’s beaches, why don’t you try going to the Rangamati Hill district where the Kaptai Lake is located? There, you can indulge in several activities such as swimming, sailing, and fishing. Kaptai Lake is an ideal destination for anyone who likes peaceful outings rather than busy and noisy ones.

Cleanse Your Soul with Some Tea

People who don’t like the strong taste of coffee usually prefer the much smoother and cleaner taste of tea. So, if you’re a tea fan, you certainly can’t miss going to Sylhet, located just North of Dhaka. Sylhet is known for its tea-growing traditions, and Srimongol, a place in Sylhet, is the centre of the tea gardens in Sylhet.

Games Up!

If you want to satiate your sporty side and get away from nature a bit, why not head on to the City Stadium? There, you can enjoy a game of hockey, football, and cricket. You might even get a chance to play with the locals in the playgrounds if you so choose.

Go Bird Watching

If you want to see a sample of Bangladesh’s exotic wildlife, why not go to Rajendrapur National Park, located just 31 miles north of the capital city. Bring your binoculars with you, maybe even your camera and take a few snapshots of the beautifully coloured birds residing in the area.

Take A Walk in The Zoo

Unfortunately, being constantly on the move to look for various animals can be slightly tiring. And there’s always the chance that you’ll get disappointed at the end of the day because of the poor turnout. If you don’t like taking this risk, why not just go to the National Zoo located at Mirpur near the River Turag?

The City of Mosques

If you’re going to Bangladesh, you absolutely can’t miss going to Dakha, the city of Mosques. The wonderful architecture and designs are to die for. Visit Baitul Mukkaram Mosque, the Star Mosque, and the Chawkbazar Mosque, and you’ll be sure to gape in awe at the magnificent designs.

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