Tokyo-The Most Expensive City in the World

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Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, it happens to be the 1st on the record of most costly metropolitan areas to live in the world. If you are thinking about why this city is the most expensive you must know the requirement of people to live in the city. In addition to becoming the top of the checklist of towns together with the top living expenses, it is also the biggest metropolitan in the world, not only by population but also by the economy. Because of the largest economy in the world, the city becomes the most costly city on the globe to live in.

Another important reason to be the most expensive city is The Tokyo stock exchange. This is one of the world’s most significant and also the biggest one in Japan. All most all multinational companies have their regional or international office in this city.

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This city is also expensive for highly paid jobs. In addition, the substantial size of the population brings to enormous demand for space, and this is additionally amplified by the fact that Tokyo is encircled by the Bay of Tokyo and a lot of high hills and mountains. All of these variables blend to promote Tokyo to be the most expensive city in the entire world in which to live.

This is truly important to know the economical condition of the city if you gonna live there. Tokyo is one of the most attractive cities in the world but because of its expansiveness, many people don’t like to settle there.

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