Tiananmen Square, China – One of The Best Historical Places in The World

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The more time you will pass in China the more you amazed to see the natural, historical and cultural diversity, and exquisiteness of the country. Tiananmen Square is the most significant historical place in China. Tiananmen Square is one of the most historically significant and largest public squares in the history of our earth. This monumental square is situated in the center of the Capital City of Beijing and was built in 1651 while there was a large-scale extension in 1958.

Tiananmen Square, Beijing China – Gate of Heavenly Peace.


Tiananmen was named after a gigantic stone, Gate of Heavenly Peace, which is located at the northern end of the Square. This square actually stands for parades ground, mostly used for parades and Chinese national celebrations. Another important part of this historical place is rallying, a point which is recognized for political movements like the 1919 May fourth movement and 1989 movement from May to June.

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Tourist Attractions

These are not all about the place; there are many features that attract millions of people to visit this mind-blowing historical place. If you wish to visit this place, you can see the Tiananmen Tower, that was in established in 1417 during the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D.- 1644 A.D.). During that time this was the main gate of the Forbidden City and used to declare the most important ceremony to the general people. However, this tower was forbidden for all kind of people before 1911 except royal family members and noteworthy people.

One of the most important historical place in the square is People’s Heroes. This is granite made monument that was built in 1952 at the centre of the Square. To Chinese people this monument is very much respected for the various reasons-the writer of “The People’s Heroes are Immortal” is engraved within the monument. There is a total of eight sculptures with two white marble railing which is the symbol of modern history. You will be surprised by the theme and architectural intellectuality of the monument. If you ever have a China tour and visit Tiananmen surely you will be surprised with the scenic beauty of this monument.

The great hall of the people, built-in 1959 west of the square, is another great attraction of Tiananmen Square. This is actually the place for China National People’s Congress Meeting offering other activities for political and diplomatic affairs. The hall is so big you can’t imagine if you don’t see it. This is divided into three sections including the Great Auditorium that facilitates for 10.000 seats, The Central Hall and The Banqueting Hall spaced for 5,000 seats.

Other attractions include Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao with his crystal coffin which is covered with bouquets of diverse natural fresh flowers and grasses collected from China, and recently built (2003) National Museum of China.

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