The City of Angkor

The City of Angkor
Angkor, Ancient, Architecture in Cambodia.

The City of Angkor is found in Cambodia. The Angkor Archaeological Park was declared a World Heritage site in 1992. For those who want to discover very interesting and eye-catching Historical sites, this is a good place to go. This park occupies an estimated 400 square kilometers. The city of Angkor is full of many archaeological sites which are Temples. You can spend a few days through Angkor city and still not go through it. It’s quite impressive going through these sites and you find yourself concentrating on one site for hours hence limited the number of sites you would have visited.

The City of Angkor
An old stone ruins in a jungle in Angkor, Cambodia.

Attractions in The City of Angkor

There are various attractions in the city of Angkor. The Angkor Wat is a good part to be remembered always to be put in the itinerary. This is a temple put mostly on the Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages. Its architectural layouts resemble the mythical mount Meru. There is also the Angkor Thom referred to as the last capital of the Angkor Empire. There are also elephant climbs that attract many tourists, not forgetting the tropical scenery of mountains, rivers, and the rural charm of the local villages. Shopping is also a treat and an attraction as you get spoiled with a variety of items to buy. You get to see the night lifestyle that attracts both the locals and the tourists. The Apsara dance show entertains tourists when at Dinner. Fishing, cycling, and bird sanctuaries are also attractions in the countryside of the city. The City of Angkor is full of attractions to make you fulfill the desire of your visit.

How to Visit the City of Angkor?

There are three major attractions in the City of Angkor. You can decide to use the following; Air, road, or Railway. When you choose to use the Air you pass through Bangkok-Siem Reap-Phnom Penh-Saigon across the Cambodia city between Thailand and Vietnam. The second option becomes the Train which operates through Bangkok-Siem Reap. This same route can be used by the bus and boat. Another option through the air-conditioned bus is from Saigon-Phnom Penh. Railway also operates from Europe to Cambodia overland. There are also other domestic transports preferably a speed boat and a bus both from Phnom Penh-Siem Reap.

Accommodation in the City of Angkor

In the city of Angkor itself, there are no hotels neither guest rooms but you are able to get them in the nearest town of Siem Reap. One of the best Hotels found there is the Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor offering the most luxurious services for the best stay. Others include the Ancient Angkor Hotel, the Frangipani Villa Hotel. Le Tigre Hotel, Skyway Hotel, Grand Soluxe Angkor Palace Resort& Spa, and many more offering affordable services.

The City of Angkor is a City full of archaeological and World Heritage Sites. It has  boosted tourism in the country and has made it grow Economically as many hotels are being built due to many Tourists who flock to the City to fulfill their lifetime dreams of seeing this wonder of the world; The City of Angkor

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