The capital of the world: New York City

The capital of the world: New York City
Skyline of downtown New York, New York, USA

New York-The Big Apple as they call it is a huge metropolis, the great center of arts, culture media, and many more. Its numerous Landmarks and attractions have made New York one of the most visited cities in the whole world.

The capital of the world: New York City
Skyline of downtown New York, New York, USA

Some features of New York City

It would take many pages to simply mention New York’s numerous attractions and worthy to visit sites, but here are the most significant.

The capital of the world: New York City
Statue of Liberty on Hudson River in New York

The Statue of Liberty, one of the most generous gifts ever gifted, is the huge statue standing in front of the city’s port. The Statue of Liberty is a national symbol for the U.S.A and a must-visit site, as it is open for visitors.

Afterward, the visitor’s next stop in Manhattan. The towering Empire State Building is a famous landmark and the tallest building in New York. Continuing in Manhattan, lies the tourist center of the Big Apple, filled with bright LED signs and video screens, the Times Square. Also in Manhattan, the visitor has the chance to walk in Central Park which hosts the Bronx zoo and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They met, as it is called, is the nation’s biggest one, hosting more than two million works and the most renowned museum throughout the United States. Another historic monument is St. Patric’s Cathedral an impressing temple of the Irish Saint, encountered in many novels and movies.

Besides the sightseeing, the visitor can attend a show at one of Broadway’s theatres or the  Broadway Theater itself. Broadway Avenue is considered the heart of America’s theater industry. While staying in New York the visitor can easily get informed about the countless events that take place in the city. Any kind and type of food can be found by just talking a walk in the filled with restaurants streets, while nightlife in New York never stops.

However, accommodation in New York City and especially Manhattan is relatively expensive, even in hostels. Travelers can stay infamous and luxurious till budget hotels, as well as hostels.

Traveling to New York

The capital of the world: New York City
Panorama of New York City.

New York is available to get in through every means of transportation type. The JFK Airport is the biggest of the other two airports of NYC, services flights from Washington D.C. and many other national and international destinations. Transportation from the airport to the city is available through buses, taxis, the metro, and air trains. The New York’s intercity train station where train lines to Washington D.C. and other east coast cities arrive and depart is Amtrak, which operates from New York Penn Station located in the city.
Bus lines towards New York from Washington D.C. and other major cities exist but are not suggested as they take much more time and don’t seem to be cheaper.

Explore the world’s most cosmopolitan metropolis, New York City

The Big Apple is considered the center of the world. The best way to learn about the gigantic megalopolis is not to read, but to see it for yourself.

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