Rhodes, The City of Knights

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Rhodes is a beautiful Greek island located in the eastern Aegean Sea. The island is a famous tourist resort, thanks to its rich cultural heritage and history.

Exploring Rhodes

The island’s cultural center is the old city of Rhodes; a picturesque medieval city –actually the biggest medieval city in Europe- filled with narrow, cobbled alleyways, is a magnificent place to wander around and admire the old city’s landmarks. The medieval castle and the Castle of Knights are two true masterpieces of medieval architecture. At the top of the castle of the knights, lies the great palace of the Prince Grand Master. Another medieval landmark among the many of the islands is the Medieval Church of Ialysos. Also in summer is held at Rhodes the medieval festival, an event which lasts for almost two months, and a very interesting place to visit.

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Ancient Greek architecture is present on the island too, with the Temples of Zeus, Athens, and Apollo at the top of the old city’s acropolis. The Archeological Museum of Rhodes has also a nice collection of displays from all the eras that the island lived.

A place of unique beauty is also the valley of the butterflies. Butterflies use that valley through the summer months in order to reproduce and can be found therein in great numbers.  Parko Rodini is an impressive place to visit full of small ponds, flowers, and trees. Last but not least is the Aquarium of Rhodes, located in the new city of Rhodes, which is home to many sea species such as sea turtles and seals.

Faliraki is the island’s most famous resort for young people; crowded beaches filled with beach bars and streets overflowing with bars and nightclubs where nightlife overwhelming.

Rhodes has hotels available for the visitor’s accommodation, ranging from low-class categories to high-end luxurious ones.

Getting to Rhodes

Rhode’s  International Airport “Diagoras” services every day flights to/from Athens and other Greek cities and islands. Charter flights from abroad are serviced too.
Rhodes dock services ships from Athens on a daily basis, with the trip from Perseus to Rhodes lasting about 12 hours. Also, Rhodes is a popular docking site for cruisers that travel through the Mediterranean.

Spend your vacations in of Greece’s most popular island

Rhodes is a majestic, crowded and beautiful tourist resort, renowned trough the world. Notable for the strong influences the Venetian rule has left to its people, who combine the Greek’s love for pleasure and entertainment with the Venetian’s finesse

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