Mandar Bariya Sea Beach, Satkhira, Bangladesh

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Mandarbaria – Satkhira district is the name of a beautiful sandy beach across the Bay of Bengal. There is a beach called Mandarbaria in Bangladesh which is unknown to most people. The forest at Mandarbaria on the banks of the river Hariyabhanga in Satkhira district, and across the shores of the Bay of Bengal in front of it is like as it is an infinite creation of nature. The distance from Mandarbaria beach to Nildumur naval wharf at Burigoalini in Satkhira is about 75 km. Nildumur can be reached by car, the next route is by engine-driven boat or speed boat. The whole of this 75/80 km route is covered by various rivers flowing through the Sundarbans.

The Sundarbans on one side of Mandarbaria and the incessant roar of the magical waters of the Bay of Bengal on the other will fascinate any person. The journey starts from Nildumur Ghat, bypassing the confluence of Kholpetua-Kopotaksh river and reaches Mandarbaria through Kalagachhia, Arpangasia and Malancha river. More huge rivers can be seen along this route. The evergreen Sundarbans can be seen on both sides of these rivers. Seeing will cover the eyes. This is like a green kingdom. Sundari, Keora, Bain, Pashur, Garan, Golpata, Singra, Hetal, Khalsi, Gewa, and gathering of other green trees like these have taken place here. The root of the trees of mangrove forest and the running of various animals including deer in it will fascinate you. It’s a sight to behold. You will reach Mandarbaria beach at a time to see Pankauri and Balihas flying.

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This 8 km long beach (Mandarbaria Sea Beach) is like a beautiful picture. Fascinated by the obsession of impossible love. You may have seen many beaches in the Bay of Bengal including Cox’s Bazar, Teknaf, Ukhia, Inani, St. Martin’s. No one would not even think that such a big beach would be seen in the Sundarbans. Mandarbaria is completely different from other beaches. A place surrounded by wonderful beauty. The fear of tigers in the back and the sea of ​​vast love in the front, the vast beach, the forest surrounded by green mysteries. It is a different feeling for tourists to find themselves entangled in a web of nostalgia on a secluded beach. Deer and tiger footprints on the beach will increase the hypnosis several times. So for those who are interested in travel and adventure, come back from Mandarbaria, a beautiful beach unknown in the country and write your name on the list of newcomers.

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