Kuakata, Patuakhali – The Daughter of Sea

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Kuakata is an island located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh in Patuakhali district. The whole area is a sandy beach which is truly a great place if you like to enjoy both sunset and sunrise from the same place. The island is located 70 km. apart from the district headquarter and 320 km. from the capital city, Dhaka. Travellers can access by road, ship or air to Barisal then to the island by road through Patuakhali or by ship or river vessel.

The island is also known as Daughter of the sea (Sagar-Kannya). This is the natural place where you can enjoy the silence of earth with the roars of the sea wave, where you also can enjoy the real charming of natural beauty, sandy beach, blue sky, the unlimited sea all around you and forest shaking with sea wind. Kuakata is also considered as Virgin Beach, where you can find diversified winter birds, a succession of coconut trees, white sandy beach that touches blue sea and forest that you have never seen before. All together make the island a unique beach in the world.

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If you are planning to have a tour out of your busy city, Kuakata may be the first option, where you can get everything that you need to refresh your boredom life.

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