Kaptai – The Most Beautiful Natural Lake in Bangladesh

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Don’t be confused that Kpatai is a lake? Kaptai is actually an Upazila in Rangamati district, Bangladesh but Kaptai is well known in Bangladesh as Kaptai Lake. This Upazila is also well-known for Hydro-electric-project. The lake is actually man-made but the natural beauty of the lake is very panoramic. The total length of the lake is 680-sq. km.

The landscape is so pleasant if you visit the area you will feel that you are in a heavenly earth. There is also a charming 64 km lake drive, which is extended from Chittagong; in the midst of the hills if you travel you will feel the large stretch of emerald blue water shaded by green trees.

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3D View of Kaptai Lake in Larger Map

Another attraction of Kaptai is Chit Morong Buddhist temple, which is only three km from Kaptai and can be reached through Chittagong road.

Rangamati is considered the most stunning District in Bangladesh. There, Kaptai is not the only place to travel, more than hundreds of tourist spots are available in Rangamati districts. So, if you visit Rangamati I think you will get the touch of real nature, both hills and forest along with the unique culture of indigenous people.

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