Jammu and Kashmir – The Natural Beautiful Landscape

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One who has not visited the naturally beautiful landscapes and waterscapes with many famous shrines of Jammu and Kashmir in life will feel sometimes in life that something has been left unseen. It is our views after visiting the Jammu and Kashmir. Its incomparable beautiful natural landscape can’t be ignored. Mostly, Jammu and Kashmir are on the Himalayan Range. So, the mountain Himalaya has got self beauty. Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost state of India shares three borders with Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in the south and internationally with the Peoples Republic of China. It is interesting that Jammu and Kashmir hold tow capitals. Srinagar is the summer capital and Jammu is the winter capital.

Many Indian Hindus visit mostly two famous temples, named- Amarnath and Vaishno Devi. Kashmir is a land of beautiful mountain valleys, lakes, crystal clear waterfalls, pilgrimages, rangelands, forests and rivers. It is called heaven on earth. As such, we feel romance to see these heavenly beautiful places.

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Floating Vegetable and Flower Markets

It is also known for its romantic Mogul Gardens created by emperors for their loves. Another Kashmiri highlight is viewing the floating vegetable and flower markets, which take place in isolated tree-lined canals.

Dul Lake

Kashmir Valley is renowned for its smooth Dal Lake that reflects the surrounding snow-capped mountain peaks. Dul-Lake is a famous tourist spot, especially for the houseboats. Most of the tourists enjoy houseboat travelling. Most of the tourists including the foreigners hired the houseboat as a temporary residence for a few days and enjoy moving the lake by houseboat and also the special recipes of Kashmir in lunch and dinner.  They range from bare-bones to luxury (the prices are so reasonable that even a traveller on a modest budget can enjoy the latter).


Gool Marg, famous for its natural beauty and elegant landscape surrounded by valleys, rivers and flowers. Kashmir being the range of mountain Himalaya, the views to the surrounding downside is always a different landscape from the other tourist spots.

Amarnath and Vaishno Devi

The way to the holy pilgrimage Amarnath and Vaishno Devi temples were very tough and risky earlier because of ice. But, today, it has become easier to visit these sites due to extending the helping hand of the Indian Army. The private car and bus can go most of the roads. But still, it is tough to reach to the temples at the end-road. It has to be covered by horse or another man carrier for the weaker persons and on foot by the rest. The road to these holy places is being opened for a certain period in the year by way of making a path through lifting the ice.

Buddhist Monasteries

Here also available some Buddhist Monasteries which hold the tradition of old Tibet. To see this old tradition is also a rare experience for the tourists, especially the foreigners who are fond of ancient cultures.

Beautiful handicrafts and woollen garments for which Kashmir is also famous. Kashmir during peacetime is, as an emperor extolled centuries ago, “a paradise on earth”. But unfortunately, present-day civil warfare makes the region dangerous for travellers.

But that will surely someday pass. When it does, make your reservations early because the pent-up demand among travellers craving to visit the Veil of Kashmir is sizeable.

Finally, hope the tour to this place will be a memorable tour for those tourists who like to see the nature and beautiful landscape. And people who want to return to their home with the memories that will be rememberable for many years.

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