How Long Is the Great Wall of China?

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What do you think about the question? How long is the Great Wall of China? I think every people who know about the Great Wall of China have this question. Have you ever tried to find out the actual answer? It’s really typical to get the exact fact of this query. If you really want to know how long is the Great Wall of China? I think this article and maps of Great will reveal the actual answer.

Great Wall of China
China’s Iconic Cultural Monument The Great Wall Of China

Interesting to Know How Long Is the Great Wall of China

Actually, they did not build the great wall in a single dynasty. It was built over three dynasties-Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty, and Ming Dynasty; over these three dynasties, Great Wall was built, rebuilt, and enlarged by many Chinese rulers. However, the actual Great Wall, or the Great wall that we want to know, was built during the Ming Dynasty from 1368 to 1644, and that was more than 6,000 kilometers. This is not enough to know how long is the great wall of China.

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However, if you considered all individual parts of the Great wall of all dynasties around northern china, the length would exceed 50,000 kilometers or 31,000 miles across China.

If you investigate the facts of the Great Wall, you can see the wall is also called Ten Thousand Li Long, one Li-Long consists of half a kilometer, and so total length is 5,000 km or 3,100 miles. Are you confused? Do you get the answer to the fact-How long is the great wall of China?

How Long Is the Great Wall of China-Reality?

Still, there is no exact data or map of the Great wall that can prove the actual length of this great architectural monument. According to the recent survey total length is 8,850 km or 5500 miles, which includes lakes, mountainous rivers, trenches, and barriers; excluding all these extraneous, the exact length is around 6,200 km 3,900 miles. So, this is the real answer to know the actual length of the Great Wall of China? Wait, please read a little more.

That’s not all; still, there is remained the main answer. Most of the people who visited the Great Wall, if they read my blog post, will think the information is not correct; the great wall never is so long. I would like to agree with them because general tourists only visit the part of the Great Wall located in Beijing. Most of them did not know about the other isolated wild parts. The most visited length that is located in Beijing is 550 kilometers or 352 miles.

I hope you already got the answer. If there any misinformation or if you get your answer, you can write your opinion below.

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  1. Very informative, I never researched the actual exact length of the Great Wall. This article is short and very informative. It saves me time.