How Long Did It Take to Build the Great Wall of China?

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The Great Wall of China is one of the most prominent historical walls in all time of earth history. When we think about the great wall we have many questions like how long is the Great Wall of China. How long did it take to build the Great Wall of China? First questions’ answer was given in one of my previous posts, in this post I will try to give the answer of the second question in short.

How Long Did It Take to Build the Great Wall of China?
Ancient Great Wall of Badaling in China.

You will be surprised; the Great Wall was not built during the period of one dynasty. The major portion of the great wall was built during the time of three dynasties. Anyway, I don’t like to entail the post, I just akin to answer–how long did it take to complete the whole structure of the great wall. According to Chinese intellectuals, the great wall was built over many centuries. It was initiated about 200 BC whereas finally, it got its factual structure during the  (1368-1644). The construction was not completed consistently, as it has many parts and those were built at different times.

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It is believed by archaeologists that it takes more than 2000 years to get the final stage of the great wall. However, still, there are many construction and reconstruction over the great wall; we can say it has been building from 200 BC to recent times.

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