Five Beautiful Beaches in Bali Sans The Crowd

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Approximately 2.5 million tourists frequent Bali during the peak season. With that figure alone, someone has to wonder whether or not there’s still room for the traveler who just wants some peace and quiet and a nice strip of white sand to enjoy. Thankfully, there are still beaches in Bali which are not as crowded as Dreamland. Discover these hidden but worthy treasures.

Balangan Beach

Aerial view of Balangan beach
Aerial view of Balangan beach, Bali, Indonesia

Balangan Beach is very close to Dreamland and its chain restaurants and resorts. For some reason, though, it manages to retain its rustic charm. This means you get to enjoy a quiet weekend with the family or by yourself and still be a stone’s throw away from Bali’s hottest hangout spots. The room rates here are also bound to be cheaper but don’t expect anything too fancy.

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On the upside, the pristine white sands of this beach are surrounded by rocky cliffs. It’s definitely not wanting in terms of scenery. There are also cheap eats here. Just drop by any of the warungs dotting the place (warungs are local cafes). During the low tide, enjoy the mighty waves of this beach, and go for a quick swim when it’s high tide. You can also while away your days on a hammock and just watch surfers on the coast. The sand is also fine enough for sandcastles and other sand art.

Geger Beach

Geger Beach, Bali Island
Geger Beach, Bali Island, Indonesia

If you like calmer waters, Geger Beach is the one spot in Bali you should be in. This beach is off the Nusa Dua Golf Course and boasts of almost still blue-green waters. There are waves, but they’re soft and gentle, so this is a good spot to visit if you’re traveling with kids, or you’re afraid of rough waters. The sand is also phenomenal—thick, packed, and fine. It’s almost like you’re walking on talcum powder. It’s ideal, too, for playing beach volleyball.

Most tourists just drop by Geger Beach for brunch because it also has a nice line of restaurants. However, it’s more popular among locals than tourists who are chewing off the high-key spots off Bali. It’s safe to say that food prices here are relatively cheaper.

While it’s still a relatively less crowded spot in Bali, you may spot a vendor or two hawking their goods close to the deck chairs. Compared to more prominent beaches in Bali, though, they’re pretty tame. This is also the spot to be in if you want to watch Seaweed Farmers. They’re usually between the Temple and the Geger Café.

Bias Tugal

Bias Tugal is also called Pantai Kecil or Little Beach. Usually, this beach is close to deserted although there could be a couple of adventurous travelers seeking sanctuary from the crowd. Prepare for one or two warung vendors as well. The reason why it’s still “undiscovered” is because it’s tucked away close to the secluded spot of Padang Bai, and one would have to do a bit of hiking to get here. The effort is worth it, though, as turquoise and pristine blue waters greet you.

The white sand is very fine, and the waves, gentle. There are lazy coconut trees swaying by so it’s perfect for an afternoon nap. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen before dozing off. However, while the waves could appear gentle on the surface, it’s also known for strong undercurrents. If you’re not very good at swimming, it’s not suggested that you go too far into the water. It’s an excellent spot, though, for relaxing and boat watching.


This beach is quite possibly the prettiest spot in Bali and is located at the Southernmost tip of the island. It’s a tiny piece of Paradise, so to speak. However, note, too, that getting here and staying here could be quite pricy. Prepare to spend at least 250,000 rupiahs or roughly $27 just to enter the island. As steep as that may sound, most tourists would tell you that the price is worth it for the views alone.

The sand here is extremely fine and soft. The waves are strong but even along the coastline. If you want to swim or walk along the waterline, the best time to do these things is right before lunch. Bring your camera and absorb the rich blue shades of the water from this beach. The waves significantly strengthen in the afternoon. Take the “wet floor” signs on the rocks very seriously. There have been accidents in the past because non-locals just laughed these signs off.


Amed Beach, Bali
Volcano Agung and Amed beach, Bali, Indonesia

This beach is different from other Bali beaches because instead of white sand, you’ll be greeted with black, volcanic gravel. There are also no surfers and tourists anywhere, only fishing boats which are usually used by divers. This is the spot you would want to find yourself in if you’re a serious diver, and if you want to catch a glimpse of Bali before it transformed into a tourist spot.

While definitely rustic, the bay here is one of the most beautiful you’ll find on the island. It’s also a good place to visit if you want to absorb a little local culture. This is the island’s moneymaker with salt mining and fishing sites everywhere. For the full experience, stay for the night and camp out under the stars.

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