Explore Egypt’s Pyramids and Sphinx

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The Great Pyramids and Sphinx are found in Egypt at a place called Giza. These are monuments known worldwide and none has ever conquered the construction of the pyramids which seem to guarded by the Sphinx. A passageway that leads to the sphinx was discovered some years ago by the people repairing the sphinx. This passage is believed to be of the time of pharaoh estimated 4600 years ago. There are an estimated 94 or more pyramids but the three great pyramids are found in Giza and there are hundreds of sphinx in Egypt but only one great Sphinx found in Giza. The reason for tourists to visit Egypt behind other reasons is to see the last remaining of the Seven Wonders of the World. The three Great Pyramids in Giza are the Gorgeous Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), The special Pyramid of Kafhre, and the Pyramid of Menkaura(smallest).

Explore Egypt’s Pyramids and Sphinx
Shot of Egypt’s pyramids and sphinx took during my first ever trip to Egypt.


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The Attraction of the Pyramids and Sphinx

Since pyramids are believed to be built with entrances, there are options for getting in the pyramids. You have to be cautious about getting there if you suffer from claustrophobia. Basically, you need to be physically fit to go in as the climbs are so steep and narrow. The authority allows only 300 people to go inside in a day; so you need to be there early to book your ticket. There is also the sphinx that attracts many by its look. There are camels that many want to ride on and walk on them around the park which seems attractive mostly to the youngsters. Horse rides are also common, the boat museum cycling and most attractive one the Light and sound show. The place is busy all through and quite attractive to anyone.

How to Visit the Pyramids and Sphinx?

Getting to the pyramids and Sphinx from the Hotel is easy. You might decide to use a taxi which goes for about $30 USD. Getting a Hotel taxi is relatively cheaper and affordable. Mini-buses are also common and relatively cheaper for people traveling as a group. There are also air-conditioned buses that go there regularly from Midan Tahrir. When in Cairo the pyramids and the sphinx are easily accessible. When you get to the pyramids and Sphinx, you might decide to walk around with a camel if it’s too hot for you or if you don’t like walking a lot. Make sure you bargain a lot before using any Carmel as these people will give very high and irrelevant prices. Don’t allow photos while riding the camel unless you are interested in paying for them. There are tourist policemen all over, in case of any harassment, feel free to report the case.

Accommodations in the Pyramids and Sphinx

Egypt being a desert doesn’t mean sleeping in the sand. There are various classic and luxurious hotels like the Mercure Cairo Le sphinx. You are able to see the Pyramids and Sphinx from the hotel clearly, there is also the Safir Hotel Cairo, and for those ready to use lots of money on leisure then go for the Cairo Marriot Hotel & Khayyam Casino. This offers internationally recognized leisure and comfort. Others include Le Meridiem Pyramids, Pyramisa Suites Hotels & Casino Cairo, Sofitel Cairo El Gezira, Intercontinental Cairo Semiramis, Fairmont Nile City, and many more. These hotels range from one to five stars but they are all nice keeping in mind Egypt is known worldwide as a tourism country.

The Pyramids and Sphinx are the last remains of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is believed to be there for so many years ago. Seeing the Pyramids and sphinx is a lifetime experience, so book yourself a visit and enjoy the trip.

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