Explore Diversified Flora and Fauna in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is the vacation destination for the adventurous at heart. With many acres of untouched forests, this beautiful Asian country provides nature lovers with many opportunities to get close to some of the world’s most rare plant and animal life. If you are considering taking a trip to Bangladesh, be sure to pack your binoculars so you can catch sight of some of these magnificent sights!

Bird watchers will find Bangladesh a dream destination. Over half of the world’s bird species can be found in this country. The winter is the best time to visit to see birds, because some of the varieties that can be found in this country are migratory, and they settle in the area in the winter. Warblers, game birds, robins, crows and kingfishers make Bangladesh their home alongside tropical birds like cuckoos, parrots, and myna.

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To get a close look at the animal life of Bangladesh, be sure to spend some time exploring the Sunderbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest. The Royal Bengal Tiger that calls the Sunderbans home is the premier mammal found on Bangladesh. If you do not feel brave enough to head into the forest to see one for yourself, you will find some on display at the Dhaka Zoo. There are six types of deer that make the Sunderbans home. Barking deer, spotted deer, and sambar are all popular with area guests. Elephants are another common sight in Bangladesh, and you may even spot some domesticated pachyderms being ridden while you are in the country.

This country is also home to many reptiles, about 150 species to be exact. Crocodiles and pythons are easy to spot when travelling along the waterways of Bangladesh. Be sure to keep your eyes out for a water buffalo as you travel the waters of the country. Visitors to the Sunderbans enjoy seeing the river dolphins in their natural habitats.

Plantlife is also interesting to study when visiting Bangladesh. This lush country produces a variety of fragrant and beautiful flowers, including the water hyacinth, which sits on the water and grows so thick that many first time guests think there is the solid ground underneath the green leaves of the plant. Other popular flowers that grow in Bangladesh include roses, hibiscus, magnolia, and jasmine. Cultivated plants include mango, sugar cane, tobacco, and litchi.

If you love nature and are planning a trip to Bangladesh in the near future, be sure that you pack your camera. You will not run out of naturally beautiful subjects to capture.

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