Explore Dhaka City, Bangladesh

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Having high-rise buildings around the city, Dhaka is the capital city as well as the most significant city of Bangladesh. Geographically meaning, it’s found in the heart of Bangladesh and it is offered through the port of Narayanganj. It’s a city that’s full of culture and history which is recognized globally as the city of Mosques and Muslin. Travelling Bangladesh is comprehensive devoid of 1st browsing Dhaka city.

High-rise buildings in Dhaka
High-rise buildings in Banani, Dhaka

Dhaka is founded in a monsoon climate zone, meaning it receives lots of rainfall each year between May and September throughout the monsoon period. These types of natural situations make it ideal for developing rice and jute, and that’s why it’s among the world’s major rice and jute producing locations.

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The town includes a powerful Muslim impact that’s resembled within the approximate mosques and traditional structures that provide the town with its identity. Just like many cities, Dhaka could be split into a classic and new city. The brand new part of the town is seen as a household and commercial residential area as the old part creates much better sight viewing.

Dhaka River Port, Bangladesh
Sadarghat launch terminal in old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Nobody can tell while Dhaka was established. Based on the documented background it had been started in 1608 AD, however, many appear to believe the town was about before that. The town has usually appreciated some celebrity like a capital in a variety of capacities also it endured several hefty destructions throughout the Bangladesh Warfare of Independence in 1971. These days the harm is nearly hidden and rather than seeing chaos and rubble, you’re a lot more like to pay attention to stunning old and new structures along with the main waterside full of a number of various boats of shapes and colors. The town is extremely busy and tries to has something to provide. Additionally, you will discover that the folks are really friendly and welcoming. Dhaka is a superb starting point for your trip to Bangladesh.

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