Egypt: Ancient Historical Country

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Egypt is considered the cradles of Civilization. Archaeologists believe, the first civilization of the earth was started in Egypt. There are some traces of human beings of 700,000 years old, found in Egypt. The succession of modern people is also from Egypt-homo erectus>homo>habilishomo neanderthalensis>homo sapiens, patently they migrated from Africa to Mesopotamia and even Europe.

Egypt: Ancient Historical Country
Egyptian pyramids in the sand desert and clear sky

This is the age of globalization and Egypt is not among those countries that are continuously contributing to the development of science and technology but definitely ancient and medieval-aged Egyptians had major contrition for the civilization of human beings. They had many contributions to the development of Phonetic-pictograph writing art, astronomy, mathematics, literature, and medicine. They also had a major contribution to the civilization of the Near East and North Africa.

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Several countries in the world have their unique culture, tradition, and monuments, among them Egyptian history is the prominent one and they have their special entity among Arab, Mameluke, and Ottoman.

Egyptians Civilization

The Nile River is called the vein of Egypt and the civilization of Egypt was based on this Nile. Over the last thousands of years, the Nile has been contributing to the development of Egypt. There are many tourist attractions, which are from ancient times, and a great source of fun for world travelers. Among many attractions, the Pyramids and Sphinx, the tomb of young King Tut are the most attractive tourist places.

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