Chile’s Amazing Beaches

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Upon mentioning Chile, one would immediately imagine the beautiful Andes capped with snow, the lovely capital that is Santiago de Chile, or simply the country’s elongated shape that covers the driest desert as well as the magnificent glacial fields there are in our world. More than that, Chile does not lack beaches. Here are the most amazing ones this wonderful country has to offer:

Isla Negra

Isla de Pascua, Easter Island, Chile

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Watching the Sunset through the wonderful Ana Kakenga Cave on Rapa Nui, Isla de Pasca, Easter Island, ChileFor literary enthusiasts, they will immediately recognize the name of this place as it is the home of the famous Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda. The poet himself, in fact, gave the place its name – Isla Negra or Black Islands – based on its rocky, dark outcrops. Today, Isla Negra is a lively community of different artists, as well as a scenic spot that offers spectacular views; having three beaches each beautiful in unique ways: one is even named after the poet himself, which is a naturally popular and accessible beach. Las Conchitas is quite dramatic and rocky, while travelers will marvel at the differently-colored stones strewn all over Agate Beach.

Colún Beach in Valdivian Coastal Reserve

This is a nine-kilometer-long beach in the southern area of Chile and is said to be one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Practically no tourists come here and it is only frequented by locals, who love the crystal clear waters and sand dunes. A long trek from the reserves is necessary to reach the place, and facilities are not available on the beach. These are probably some reasons why people are not familiar to it, but it has preserved its pristine condition and is a lovely spot to find yourself in.

Zapallar in Valparaiso

Zapallar is a tiny coastal town that’s found in Valparaiso. This is also one of South America’s most scenic places that has incredible white sand and is surrounded by thick jungles. There are plenty of summer gardens and houses nearby, and the view is simply incomparable to a lot of other beaches.

La Serena in Coquimbo Region

For locals from Santiago, this is a popular destination. Argentines who want to escape the intense January heat. The city is a good place to be in, but the beaches are what really draw the people in. The beaches have rough waters that are not advisable to swim in but recommended for various water sports.

Bahia Inglesa in Caldera

Bahia Inglesa is a village that’s near Caldera, which was named after one British privateer who came to its beaches one day. This small village only has a little over a hundred inhabitants and is a quite developed tourist area. There are a lot of options for accommodation, as well as beautiful beaches, helped by a wonderful Mediterranean climate that lasts the whole year-round. This place is famous not just to tourists, but to locals as well.

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