Cheapest US Cities for Travel

Traveling can be expensive. You have lodging, travel, amenities, tips, and shopping, among other things that you will need to pay for both before and during your trip. If you like to save money while you travel, you should consider traveling to the US cities that are the cheapest.

The following cities have some of the lowest hotel costs in the entire nation as well a great variety of things to do while there that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas has a lot of amenities and attractions to offer, from sightseeing to fun accommodations all the way down to their tasty grub. Everything from barbecue down to authentic Mexican food can be found in this town.

There is also a great deal of nightlife and shopping, and Dallas boasts one of the best music scenes in the nation. ClubClearview is a great venue with great performers, and the tickets barely cost a thing.

If you’re traveling with children, don’t forget to check out the SixthFloorMuseum, as your kids will get in for free.

Orlando, Florida

This may come as a shock, but Orlando is quite cost-effective. Though it’s known for pricey entrance tickets to DisneyWorld and UniversalStudios among other theme parks, you can get a pretty decent package if you stay outside of the resort and go during the off-season.

But Orlando has more to offer than roller coasters. Check out AWorldofOrchids, which is a conservatory bigger than 22,000 square feet. You can even go to CityArtsFactory, which depicts the history and galleries of blown glass. And both of these things are totally free.

They also offer plenty of budget-friendly hotels, but if you want something more secluded, you can even rent a house for an entire week less than $1,000.  This gives you all of your necessities, and can even come with a heated pool.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas has a lot of budget-friendly hotels and attractions. The expensive perception people have of the city is due to the money they lose while gambling. But gambling aside, there is always something to do in Vegas that won’t cost your savings account. Concerts, comedy shows, and performing arts can be seen any day of the week, and tickets can be found cheap on the strip.

Speaking of the strip, it doesn’t cost you a penny to walk it, and just looking at the fun buildings and hotels can provide you with a great deal of entertainment.

Las Vegas also has a lot of accommodations, and since they all want your business, you can get a decent room rate and plenty of perks, such as complimentary buffets or drinks if you gamble.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix contains a lot of water parks for some family fun in the sun. It is also home to a botanical garden as well as MLB spring training and two NASCAR events.

Phoenix is also home to the ApacheTrail, and you can easily drive it while stopping to see some great historical sites, such as TheodoreRooseveltDam. And since Phoenix isn’t one of the most popular travel destination sites, accommodations are not costly at all.

So if you want to have a fun family vacation on a budget, make sure to check out one of these four cities. Not only will your family have fun, but your wallet will thank you.

Noah Parker lives in Denver and works with a travel agency.  He enjoys writing about golfing, surfing, and traveling in his spare time.  Noah also writes interesting articles for a Los Cabos golf resort.

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