Cairo: A Historical City in The World

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Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It is the administrative center for the country; Egypt. Cairo is an Islamic city though you get to find many people from other countries who work and stay there. The city is estimated to cover 86,369.3 square kilometers. The population estimate is 20,901,000 for the city. Big percentages go Idle or jobless youths. When it comes to infrastructure and other services, like water, due to the water masses like the Nile, it becomes at least easy to access as 85% of the city’s population have access to water; 99% of the population has access to electricity; 25% of the population have septic tanks for the waste while 70.9% have the sewage connections for the waste disposal.

Cairo: A Historical City in The World
Panorama of Cairo cityscape taken during the sunset from the famous Cairo tower, Cairo, Egypt

The transportation here is basically the railways, the motor highways, and buses. Many of the residents in Cairo have private cars that rose dramatically. Education for people aged 15yrs and over is estimated to be 70%. Health is well catered for as there are an estimated 1300 hospitals and more and over 16,834 doctors. Cairo is the center of tourism in Egypt as it is carrying so many attractions like the Pyramids and sphinx and the papyrus reed center.

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Cairo comes alive at night, which is the best time to shop, eat delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, or simply watch the world go by from a pavement cafe. You can dine in a floating restaurant on the Nile, sample an apple-flavored shisha water pipe at a coffee-shop, and cabarets at a luxury hotel. Life in Cairo starts at night which is referred to as the best and appropriate time to shop, eat the most delicious cuisine from the Middle East. Have a taste of apple or any choice of flavored shisha water pipe at some coffee shop. To curb the idleness the government of Egypt decided to create many buildings away from the city to have some of the youths relocate and go for jobs at the construction sites. Arabic is the common language in Cairo though many of the Egyptians know English due to the tourism factor in the city.

The local currency is the Egyptian pound but you find so many bureaus and also Hotels in Cairo where you can exchange money to both USD dollar and the Euros that are freely changed. Cairo consists of more than 200 hundred hotels whereby most of which are luxurious since many people throughout the world flock the Cairo city to have a tour and spend some good time in a very welcoming environment.

Cairo carries many institutional centers starting from primary, secondary, and the Universities where most of them are named after some famous politicians like the former presidents and ministers. For a nice tour in Cairo, you are welcomed by licensed tour guides who train thoroughly to give a quality guide. This welcomes you to a nice stay in Cairo.

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