Bu Tinah Island in The United Arab Emirates

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Bu Tinha Island is one of the most amazing and unique islands in the world. This is situated in the western shores of Abu Dubai, in UAE. The Bu Tinha possessed unique undisturbed ecosystems with living biological laboratory and this ecosystem provides a great opportunity for climate change research.

This is still untouched of the human body and the environment of this island is still unique without any disturbance. This is a great example for making to learn that if nature is kept in its state it will be protected by itself.

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The island is well-known for its shallow waters, seagrass beds and tall mangroves, set amid extensive coral reefs. This is the habitat for some unique and endangered marine life. Seabirds, including flamingos and osprey, various species of dolphins and the critically endangered hawksbill found their places on the island.

Dugong, a large marine mammal that is threatened wildlife is living here with the second largest population of its.

Bu Tinah Island is very rich in biodiversity and is placed under the Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve- the largest marine reserve. It is our moral responsibility to ensure the survival for our future generation.

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