Best Time to Travel Some of India’s Most Popular Destinations

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India is geographically as well as topographically a huge country. This significantly affects the travel seasons for visitors, but also means that it is always the best time to visit somewhere in India. Here are some helpful tips which will come in handy while planning your trip to some of India’s most popular destinations.


One of the royal states in the world is also a desert. Thus the best time to visit is in winter. It is filled with forts, palaces and ancient temples. Most of these are open-air and require a great deal of walking. This adds to the fact that it is almost futile to visit Rajasthan in summers. The only hill station in the state is Mount Abu, which is popular in the summer. It is advised to stay away from Rajasthan until the winters (November-February) or to plan a visit during July’s monsoons.

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One of India’s most divine states is the tropical state of Kerala. It is charming all through the year with different facets to offer during the different seasons. In winters it receives the highest number of guests. But even during the heavy monsoons of June to July, it is enchanting for the poetic at heart. Everything around is greener, there’s a lovely smell in the air, streams and waterfalls are at their gushing best and the harsh humidity has been expelled. The backwaters being fed by rainwater is a magnificent sight to behold. While the best time to visit is all year round, there are some advantages to visiting in August so you can watch the famous snake boat race.


The state is famous mostly for its hill stations, which offer North India much-needed respite from summers. From May-July is a popular time to visit and it is packed with families and groups of road trip-loving friends during this season. During some of the winter months December-January) many parts of the state receive snowfall, which leaves a lot of areas inaccessible but also attracts a lot of people who want to enjoy winter sports or just want to make snowmen.

Jammu and Kashmir

Rightly dubbed as ‘Heaven on Earth’, J&K is a state that is magical all year round. From April to July, it is a great escape from heat and humidity and from December to January is a snow-clad paradise. In February and March, spring is at it’s best and in August, autumn colours are at their finest. If you are visiting Leh-Ladakh, the highest plateau and only cold desert in the world, the right time is from July to September. At other times snowfall and harsh climate render it closed to outsiders.


The tiny union territory famous for its beaches and revelry is very hot and humid from April to August. But that doesn’t prevent merrymaking collegiate from making it their base in the summer vacations of June and July, probably the worst time to be here. Goa truly comes alive from September to March and is at its best around New Year.

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