Bangladesh, A Destination to Visit Top Art Galleries and Museums

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Bangladesh is rich with cultural resources and is one of the countries having the most number of well kept cultural materials in the world. The country’s collections of ancient artefacts that came from the ruins of many of the historical places in Bangladesh are reserved inside the country’s museums and galleries. These galleries and museums are opened to the public where one can take a look of the amazing and unusual ancient pieces found in Bangladesh.

Being a country with a number of museums, here are the top five of these which are mostly visited by tourists and travellers from around the world:

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The Bangladesh National Museum

The national museum of Bangladesh located in Shahbagh, in the city of Dhaka. This museum was built in1913 with four different departments with a total of forty galleries. The museum has collections of different ancient stones and metal sculptures. Bangladesh National Museum also displays the country’s collection of old coins, silvers and other metal artworks. There are also exhibits of the country’s textiles including the famous muslin fabric. Here, one can also find a vast collection of ancient paintings and handicrafts. Bangladesh National Museum is open daily except on Thursdays.

Mukti Juddho (Liberation War) Museum

Bijoyketon Cantonment Liberation War Museum located in Segunbagicha, in the city of Dhaka. This museum holds the scarce photographs of Bangladesh’s liberation war items that were used by the unsung heroes of the country’s glorious war. Visitors are always welcome to visit the museum for them to see the treasured historical pieces they have. The museum is open daily except during Sundays.

Ahsan Manjil Museum

Ahsan Manjil Museum
Ahsan Manjil Museum, Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ahsan Manzil located in Old Dhaka, in the Buriganga’s riverbank. This museum was once the home of the Nawabs who were the Rulers of Dhaka. The residence was later made into a museum. This Victorian style fort is brightly painted in pink. This museum holds the ancient portraits, furniture, utensils and a collection of household articles used by the Nawabs during their occupation here.

Folks Arts Museum

Folk Art and Craft Museum located at Snagoan, Dhaka. This museum was built in 1975 fulfil the wish of the famous painter, Shilpacharya Zainul Adebin. This museum is the home of the country’s cultural heritage. Exhibiting Bangladesh’s traditional and uniquely designed artworks.

Science Museum

National Museum of Science and Technology located at Agargaon, Bangladesh. this museum is where modern and the latest scientific discoveries are being learned. It is actually a learning centre-turned museum. The Science Museum is built in a unique and modern architectural design.

Taka Museum

Taka Museum in Dhaka
Taka Museum in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Taka museum in Bangladesh located at Mirpur, Dhaka. Which has placed a lot of showcases to show the very rare collections of different old banknotes and coins. There are a lot of collections comes from many countries of the world. If you visit the museum you will also see something which has been used as a replacement for the coins.

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