Athens, The City Under the Parthenon

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Athens is the capital city of the Modern Greek state since 1834. The city or “polis” where democracy was born, the cultural center of the world from the classical age till the mid-byzantine years, and hostess of one of the greatest creations ever built: The Parthenon.  The capital of Greece though is known for more things than its ancient history, numerous archaeological sites, and museums. Tourists from all over the world can learn about its glorious past by visiting those sites but also can get a taste from the famous Greek way of entertainment.

Some of the many places a traveler should visit while being in Athens

Athens, The City Under the Parthenon
Panoramic view of the Acropolis and the ancient city of Athens, Greece
Iconic Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis of Athens, Greece
Iconic Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis of Athens, Greece

The most important piece in the mosaic that represents the city is the “rock of Athens” where the Parthenon and the “Herodeion” are built.  Those masterpieces of classical and roman-time architecture are the most important sights one can visit in the whole country. Also, the new Acropolis museum which hosts some of the rarest and beautiful exhibits the human eye has ever seen is a very good choice after sightseeing. But the city that took its name from the goddess of wisdom offers more attractions to its visitors than exhibits of the past. “Technopolis” at Gazi is an “industrial museum” where various exhibitions and festivals are held. Finally, after all those long hours of walking through, one can choose from a great variety of options to spend his night in Athens. Traditional taverns with live Greek music right under Acropolis or a night of clubbing till the early morning hours in one of the uncountable clubs of the center; A walk on the “Lecavetos”, the beautiful hill overseeing the city; or a night at “Bouzouki” the most famous way of Greek entertainment: drinking, singing and dancing as much as your heart desires!

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Traveling both convenient and comfortable to and through Athens

Athens can be accessed easily literally by any means of transportation. The quicker and most convenient is by air. E. Venizelos is the city’s international airport, which was built in 2001, is considered one of the most modern airports in Europe, connected with the urban metro and train network as well as the new orbital road “Attiki Odos”.  Athens is connected with both railway and highway system making train and bus transportation available too, which can be considered a cheaper approach. Last but not least the port of Piraeus makes landfall available too, as the port is one of the busiest and biggest in all Mediterranean.

Live your myth in Athens, the city that founded culture

Don’t hesitate to visit one of the most historic cities in the world. Experience the city where drama, comedy, democracy, and philosophy were created.  The place where hospitality was once a divine law defined by Zeus and indulgence is an unwritten law defined by its people.

The Parthenon
The Panathinaiko (Panathenaic) Stadium or the Kallimarmaron

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