7 of the Most Strangest Spots on Earth

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When planning a trip, we make sure to visit well-known countries and learn from their culture. But wouldn’t it be fun to learn new places that you never knew existed? Learn more about these strange spots on earth by reading the list below.

Mir Mine

Mir Mine is a manmade pit situated in Mirny, Siberia. It is humungous enough to swallow flying helicopters because of air flows downward.  It stands at 525m (1720ft) and 1200m (3900ft) wide.  It has a sister mine called Udachnaya pipe.  The Mir Mine is one of the biggest diamond mines in the world.

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Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility

Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility is a spot where it is farthest from any sea. This might be the most isolated place on the planet. It has a temperature of -58.2C (-72F), which makes it the coldest place on earth. The Pole of Inaccessibility was hardly been visited because of the challenging way of getting in Antarctica.

There is still an argument on where it exactly lies. The British Antarctic Survey concluded that it is located at 82°53’S, 55°4’E; 83°50’S, 65°43’E while Scott Polar Research Institute concluded that it liest at 85°50’S, 65°47’E. But the commonly used point is 82° 06’S, 54° 58’E where the Soviets made a cabin in 1958. The cabin is fully covered with ice. Inside the cabin is a guest book for those who are brave enough to see the cabin.

The Principality of Sealand

“E Mare Libertas” or “From the Sea” is the Sealand’s Motto Freedom.”  Its independence was declared by a pirate radio anchor who lived in the English Channel in 1967.  After a debate with the Royal Navy, a court ruled in favour of Sealand saying that its location lies outside of the British jurisdiction.

Sealand has been practically acting as a country. It uses the English language and has its own Sealand money. They have produced passports, stamps and even have an exact dollar exchange rate.

The Zilov Gap

The only way to travel and see this Central Siberian road less spot is by riding a the Trans-Siberian Railway, which became accessible in 2000. The scene where Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman jumped on the train from the movie “The Long Way Round” was shot in The Zilov Gap.

Bir Tawil

Bir Tawil Triangle is a rock and sand desert that lays between Egypt and Sudan but neither of these countries claims which Bir Tawil belongs to. Instead of one country claiming it, both countries share the territory. It has been described as more of a trapezoid rather than a triangle.

Bouvet Island

The uninhabited island is located in the South Atlantic Ocean but it is under the jurisdiction of Norway. It is covered with ice that only penguins, seals, and lichens live there. Many researchers and explorers tried to make this island their homeland but obviously, none of them was successful. This must be familiar to those who watched “Alien vs. Predator” because of the scenes that were filmed there.

Mount Thor

What makes Mount Thor different from the other mountain is its vertical drop. You can visit Mount Thor or also called “Thor Peak” in Baffin Island in Auyuittuq National Park. They suggest visiting here during the summer months of June to the middle of August for some extraordinary hiking.

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