Travel Asia: Thailand’s Best Beaches

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There are more than two hundred nations across the globe but it’s Thailand that took the big portion of the best beaches in the world.

It’s not your normal range of sand; you are about to discover the best sand and spectacular limestone crags which pop directly from the perfectly clear waters. You can’t beat this, Robinson Crusoe.

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Hat Phra Nang, Railay

This particular splendor can surprise and shock. Excellent sand, limestone caves and cliffs, vibrant boats in long-tail, and emerald water surely make the scene bliss. It can get crowded in peak season and it’s more than just a really comfortable nook.

Hat Khao Lak

With this somewhat infinite swath of boulder-studded and golden beach, count on extravagant sunsets along with laid-back days. The Similan, Surin, and the jungle parks are just a road trip or boat ride away.

Ko Pha-Ngan

Month after month, upon the full moon nights, pilgrims give honor to the party gods through trancelike dance and body paints on neon colors. Be a part of the bucket-sippers over the popular Sunrise Beach for that amazing gets-together that eclipses other festivities all over the world around the globe.

Ko Mak & Ko Kut

Go for a peaceful getaway at Ko Mak. Sling the hammock on a lonesome beach or maybe the second one over that is equally as fantastic and dazzling. Next door is the Jungle-tier Ko Kut that offers an outstanding spread of golden sand too.

Ao Bang Thao, Phuket

Expect quiet seas during the high season in the eight-kilometer white sand together with the surfable waves on the lean season. Never permit the classy Laguna Complex to frighten you; that laid-back but vibrant beach offers something for everybody to enjoy.

Ko Tao

Struggling to choose between a piece of vibrant sand and a quiet retreat? Ko Tao gives you a good amount of both. Go to the island’s western side for the beach bars in tiki-torched and break free towards the eastern coast to reminisce the scenes from the famous TV series Lost.

Ko Ngai

Cook over the skimpy, white beach, soak within the sandy-bottomed shoal and then slide on the reef for the distinct water, fishes, and healthy corals. The island of Knobby Karst populates the skyline to the mainland of Krabi from the distance.

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