Top Five Beautiful Sea Beaches in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh, located in South Asia is considered to have the most beautiful and attractive beaches in the world. Because if the country’s geography which most of its land areas are just slightly above the sea level, making the country packed with beaches and sea coasts. Here, one can find the beaches that are known throughout the world with their remarkable beauty and attractiveness.

Top 5 Sea Beaches In Bangladesh

There are top five interesting and beautiful beaches to visit in Bangladesh. These beaches have their own exquisiteness and splendour most people from around the world love to visit. Here is the list of the top five beaches in Bangladesh:

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Cox’s Beach Bazar

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach
Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, The Longest Beach in The World

Cox’s Bazar Beach is known to be the world’s longest sea beach, stretching up to 121 kilometres long. The beach is located in the south part of Bangladesh, known as the Cox’s Bazar district. The name Cox’s Bazar was derived from the man who founded the beach in 1798, the great Captain Cox. Cox’s Bazar beach is a very beautiful extended white sand beach which is the favourite of most travellers for a place to spend their vacations and leisure breaks. The beach is most favoured for its quietness and peacefulness because it is often less crowded unlike the other stunning beaches in the world. Here, visitors can fully enjoy the tranquillity and stillness of the beach.

St. Martin’s Island

Narical Gingira (St. Martin’s Island)
St. Martin’s Island, Only Coral Island in Bangladesh

St. Martin’s Island is a small island is located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh, just along with the northeast division of the Bay of Bengal, around 9 kilometres south from the Cox’s Bazar peninsula. The island is also called “Narical Gingira” which means ‘Coconut Island’. This island is a popular tourist spot because of its fascinating beauty. Over 3000 tourists from Bangladesh and also from other countries visit here every day. The beach is a quiet place to go to, without the bustling noises of beach bars like the other beach have. Here, only the breezing sound of the beach can be heard. St. Martin’s Island is truly one of the country’s treasured pride.

Kuakata Sea Beach

Kuakata is a very attractive beach located in the south-western part of Bangladesh. Kuakata is around 320 kilometres south of Dhaka, the country’s capital. The beach has a total of 30 kilometres long and is a famous destination site for both its local people and also foreigners. Visitors adore the amazing sunrise and sunset panorama of the beach, which stunningly picture perfect. There are also establishments built around the beach like restaurants and stores where visitors can eat, and shop. Communications here are also made better nowadays, considering wi-fi services available.

Inani Sea Beach

Inani Beach is a fine golden sandy beach located about 32 kilometres south of Cox’s Bazar. Inani beach is part of the Cox’s Bazar’s long stretch of beach. The beach is famous for its uniquely shaped Rock and Coral boulders. Visitors love the natural beauty of Inani together with its bright blue waters, which truly breath-taking. Unlike other well-known beaches, the Inani beach doesn’t have establishments around like hotels and beach clubs so people can peacefully enjoy the calmness and an amazing view of the beach.

Patenga Sea Beach

Patenga beach is a very striking beach located about 14 kilometres south of Chittagong, Bangladesh. The beach has a truly magnificent view of the sea’s blue waters. Tourists visit Patenga beach to view the amazing of its sunrise and sunsets which are extremely captivating, especially while the sun’s radiance glows among the rock boulders along the beach bay.

These are the top five beaches Bangladesh has, which are all definitely alluring and satisfying to visit. Everyone is recommended to visit all of these beaches once they take a trip to the country to have a truly memorable Bangladesh trip.

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