Exploring Canada – One of The Best Country in The World for Travelling

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Canada is fast becoming one of the most highly coveted holiday destinations for holiday goers.  Canada is home to a wide range of elegant cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

Canada seems to provide a quasi-European atmosphere, whilst also managing to maintain a certain level of individuality, which most developed countries find it hard to maintain.

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Some Ways to Explore Canada

There are numerous different ways for you to explore everything that Canada has to offer.  Some of the most popular ways to travel Canada are by cruise, by rail, self-drive, by foot, or by going on an escorted tour of Canada.

A cruise will provide you with stunning views and breath-taking landscapes, which must be seen to be believed.  Moreover, you will be afforded lots of time to enjoy Canada on foot, every day in Canada offers a new adventure for you to uncover.

Self Drive Holiday

Partaking in a self-drive holiday in Canada will allow you to discover Canada at your own pace, and you can also tailor-make your holiday experience by choosing the places and sites that you want to visit.  With so much on offer, you are bound to be spoilt for choice and will be mesmerised by the sheer beauty of Canada.

Exploring on Foot

In my opinion, the best way to experience the joys of Canada is to completely immerse yourself in the diverse culture that Canada possesses.  The best way to do this is by exploring Canada on foot, which will allow you to scratch deep beneath the surface of Canada.  This is guaranteed to provide you with experiences that other forms of Canadian holidays will not be able to match.

Travelling by Rail

Travelling to Canada by rail will allow you to kick back and relax, whilst getting to spend time in the most elegant cities that Canada has to offer.  Furthermore, travelling through Canada by rail will provide you with some of the most fantastic vantage points for viewing the Pacific coast and the Rocky Mountains.

Escorted Tour

An escorted tour will allow you to visit numerous places of spectacular beauty.  However, many of these places are accompanied by a rich heritage and a deep and interesting history.  Therefore, an escorted tour will enable these captivating stories to be told, whilst also enabling the magical history of Canada to be brought to life.

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