Dhanbari Nawab Manzil, Tangail, Bangladesh

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Dhanbari Nawab Manzil is a restricted area and is exclusively used by the Dhanbari Nawab family and not open for public. Viewing the Manzil from outside and strolling through the gardens is open for guests. It is a beautiful 100 years old mansion with domes, minarets and arches with the most intricate masonry work. The raised garden beside the Nawab Manzil is a natural stage for special events. Some masterpiece furniture used by the British Viceroy and the Nawab Bahadur of Dhanbari has been preserved. Nawab Manzil has been visited by dignitaries since the British days. A long history of VIPs including Nawabs, Zamindars, Raja, Maharajas, Viceroy, Prime Ministers, Governors, Ministers and elites from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have been the guest of honour of the distinguished Dhanbari Nawab Estate. The sprawling gardens with a private lake with boating, angling and horse riding facilities are a delight for tourists. Cameras and videos are allowed in the complex for recording memorable photos and videos with families and friends.

Dhanbari Nawab Shahi Jame Mosque

The original mosque is around 700 years old. The extension to the original structure was built over 100 years ago. The beautiful mosaic, crazy china work on the floor, domes, minarets, prayer areas are seldom seen in any mosque. Under one of the domes, the Mazar Shareef of the Nawab Bahadur Syed Nawab Ali Choudhury can be seen where the holy Quran is recited 24 hours without any break for the last 75 years. This is a rare sight indeed.

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Google Maps of Dhanbari Nawab Manzil and Nawab Shahi Jame Mosque, Dhanbari, Tangail, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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